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The Yellow Pinto

The Yellow Pinto

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The Yellow Pinto straddles the line between memoir/narrative and transgressive fiction by combining themes of identity, addiction, and complicated familial relationships.

Written in a unique, unconventional, pulse raising style, B. WalterWill uses essay and storytelling in an inventive fashion. He intertwines stories within stories to detail his personal struggle with gambling addiction - a hidden addiction not well understood. B. WalterWill explores how this addiction has impacted his life, his relationships, his sexual explorations, and perhaps most importantly, the relationship with his father who passed away after a prolonged battle with Alzheimer's.

Enthusiasts of Martin Amis, Hunter S. Thompson, Jeanette Walls, Nick Hornby, and fans of the hit show, Shameless, created by Paul Abbott will be drawn to the unapologetic writing, the dirty realism, and the complex relationships of this book.

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